Conn Mixing Equipment

Conn & Co. has been designing and manufacturing industrial mixing equipment since 1948.  These illustrations are just a few of the wide variety of Conn equipment in use today.  Conn equipment is manufactured with the customer's needs in mind.  Many features are available such as air drive, electric drive, AC or DC with electrical specifications to suit operating conditions, single or variable speed with horsepower to suit service conditions and dimensional design to suit batch size or existing tank.  Power lift is available as well as the patented Conn Rigid Shaft Coupler, providing means for quickly removing stirrer shaft assembly.

Electric Portable
with Clamp
Air Operated
Hand Held
Air Utility/ Laboratory
Perfect for 1 to 10 Gal.
Electric Utility/ Laboratory
Single or Variable Speed
Perfect for 1 to 10 Gal.

Spool Type
Top Entry
Side Entry
1500 Gal. Jacketed
50 HP 7 1/2:1
16" & 26" ITT
Conn Blades
VH Free Standing
or Space Saver

Multi-Duty Mixer
Easily Movable
Rolling Tanks
To Your Specs.

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Warren, PA  16365
ph:   814-723-7980
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We accept the following:

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